Born & raised in Uzbekistan - moved & raised in Kazakhstan - migrated to born again in Brooklyn, New York -  

AR interests in the ongoing conversation between dual identity and relativity to [space-individual, individual-space] 

derives from youth and transitioning character of the self.

AR is a contributor in the emerging dialogue of craft, materiality, and surface quality of a subject matter [identity, culture, migration, refuge, etc.] 

work procession

love of the hand- tailoring & hand craftsmanship

interests in pedagogy- development of the human praxis

discipline in educational framework- method to practice

east and west narrative - configuring distinct realities

& ongoing


New York, New York


Parsons School of Design [New York, New York]

Fashion Design BFA 2016- 05/2020

Parsons Paris [Paris, France]

Fashion & Textiles Knits BFA - 01/2019 - 05/2019

   Introduction to Design & Management 06/2017

Hellenic Fur Federation [Kastoria, Greece] 

Fur Europe Summer School 07/2017  

High School of Fashion Industries [New York, New York] 

Career & Technical Endorsement in Design/Construction 2012-2016

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